Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Health & Safety Leadership And Management


Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Health & Safety Leadership And Management


The Level 7 Diploma in strategic health and safety leadership and management is a high-level, globally recognised qualification which is completely evaluated by each candidates’ competency. Evidence of competency is based on real world, on-the-job activities within your current role, this means that you can use previously created documentation as part of your portfolio.
The evidence you need may already be sitting in your files or desktop folders allowing a quick and convenient way to gain a level 7 qualification.

Who Is This NVQ For?

This Diploma is aimed at experienced Senior H&S Managers, Group Health & Safety Directors and Senior Consultants with experience of high-level policy change and tactical implementation.

You should be in a corporate, strategic role, as the units focus on these key areas. To find out more and to ensure this programme is right for you, please book a call with one of our experts.

“The ProQual Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Health & Safety Leadership And Management provides a route to a high-level qualification without the stress of formal exams.

Complete your ProQual NVQ through our Online learning platform with resources to support your progress and build the required evidence.

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Studying your ProQual Level 7 NVQ Diploma with HPQEL

  • · Start at any time, usually takes around 6 to 24 months to complete
  • No exams to sit – all evidence based assessment
  • Our own NVQ assessor to help you through the NVQ process with proper guidance
  • Easy to use learning platform for getting support and completing assessments

Benefits of Achieving the ProQual Level 7 NVQ Diploma

  • Highest Qualification in Health & Safety
  • Graduate membership of IOSH (GradIOSH) & CMIOSH IPD Route 02
  • Membership of the IIRSM (MIIRSM) – minimum 3 years professional experience
  • Direct Entry to Masters in UK Reputed Universities.

Mandatory Units Which Need To Be Completed

  • Module 1: Risk-based safety systems management (50 hrs)
  • Module 2: Safety Culture, Sustainability and the global effect on performance (50 hrs)
  • Module 3: Digital technologies and Incident Investigation (50 hrs)
  • Module 4: Development as a Strategic Manager (50 hrs)
  • Module 5: Establish business risk management process (50 hrs)